How to find fulfillment and meaning in life

Do you know how fulfilled people live, how to reach this life at all? It is a difference to be happy and fulfilled, likewise there is a difference between liking your job and loving it. Today, I am going to tell you how to find fulfillment and so find a meaningfulness in your life.
Firstly, check out this video created by Simon Sinek to get the basic idea of how to find fulfillment.

Fulfillment | from Electrik on Vimeo.

I think that Simon couldn’t capture it better. Yes, it is truth, that when we are helping other people to improve their lives, add a value to their lives or sacrifice for them like a right leader(for the real purpose to help others, not for the purpose of reciprocity), we feel this feeling. I believe that every meeting with a new person/stranger has its own reason, although it is often just a coincidence, but finally, we will find out that this person actually helped us, inspired us, motivated us, changed our thoughts and attitudes to positive, though indirectly, so that the person isn’t even realizing it. Since when I am aware of this, I always experience this feel and that feel is really amazing, especially when you are aware of it.


But I have to say, that Simon hasn’t mentioned one important thing about getting fulfillment and it is helping people for the purpose of the reason.
Do you know why are so many dissatisfied volunteers in the world? Volunteers, who hoped that once, they will find meaningfulness in the life and the feeling of happiness, when they join and support random organization, they had chosen from the newspaper? It doesn’t work that way. There are only 2 factors, thanks to which we will have a certainty that we had chosen right. I have also been writing about it here.

Volunteers should choose an organization based on their purpose or reason(WHY) and activity(HOW). If you believe, what they believe and you like the activity, which you are supposed to contribute to improving the world, then you have found the right organization. Here is very important to mention, that both things(WHY and HOW) must be related to you. Even if you would like to help kids in the Africa, after while you will be probably dissatisfied, when you are just cooking meals and don’t significantly contribute to resolving a problem. Also, it can be really joyful to be a voluntary speaker, but admit it, will it entertain and fulfill you, although people won’t be interested, for whom you arrived there to speak and inspire them with your own ideas and opinions? Or worse, when the audience is there because they were forced to be there? Probably not, these people will never listen to you and you will influence them really hard. Therefore, only activity isn’t important, but also, the reason is important in voluntary works.

But don’t think that for reaching meaningful and fulfilled life, you need to join big organization. Actually, you don’t have to join anything, it is enough if you help people around you, the person next to you and it doesn’t have to be difficult activities. You can help someone with the project or solve their small problem, you don’t have to get involved too much, every help counts and people mostly notice it. Of course, also applies here that the bigger problem you have solved, the bigger impact your help has on someone’s life, the bigger fulfillment you will feel and the more you will see a meaningfulness in your life.

But to find fulfillment, we don’t have to give to someone or something, we can also give of ourselves with full expression. By this, I mean to show your best selves. You don’t have to contribute to something in order to feel the fulfillment. When we focus just on the present moment and the giving of our best selves, we will also feel that we have contributed to improving this world. How do you think that all athletes or visionaries like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Bill Gates are thinking? Exactly the same way, these people influence the world by giving of their best selves and they are creating a great game for fans in the case of athletes or are designing innovative products for their customers in the case of visionaries. And for this are these people recognized, admired and we will miss them, when they won’t be here. Also, these people are able to appreciate their own achievements for all things they had contributed. They made a difference in the world. The important thing, which is often forgotten is to appreciate either us or other people for what we have done, maybe glorify the successes. The appreciation doesn’t require any money or any physical effort from you, it just requires to be a human being.

Many leaders(or just let’s call them authorities), simply don’t appreciate you for anything, even when you make a lot of good things, you won’t hear any acknowledgment from them. But it is sufficient to do one bad thing and they will reproach it to you several days, maybe weeks what reflects in your personal life later. That’s one of the reasons why 87% people don’t feel the fulfillment in the work, simply, they don’t have any evidence that they mattered. Here is beautifully shown that we have a lack of leadership(Leadership crisis) in the companies and organizations. But this problem is also in an educational system(but I will write about it later) and for this situation are responsible authorities who don’t act like the right leaders.

Don’t be like them, don’t allow to make your employees and mainly people around you go home every day unfulfilled from the work they do. Although, it doesn’t look like, but when someone doesn’t see a meaningfulness in their life, they also indirectly influence their environment. Instead, inspire them, help them improve their lives and let others improve yours. We are still human beings and we also need a help just as we need to pass it to others!

We can change the world if we understand the essence of leadership, the importance of responsibility for people who are following us and help them accomplish the success in the life.

My question is the same as Simon’s: “What are you doing to help the person next to you?” Share your answers in the comments, below the article.

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