How to beat procrastination once and for all (Part 2 – How to motivate yourself for the New Year)

Before you even begin to beat procrastination, you should prepare yourself. It is really important to know what are you going to do before you even start working on your New Year’s resolutions. If you don’t know what to practice, train or how to do what you want to do, then how do you want to achieve success in any area? Although passive education(e.g. learning from the books) is less important than active(learning by practice), in the beginning it is, on the contrary, especially when you don’t have any knowledge about the area.

How to motivate yourself for the New Year

Part 1: How to set resolutions for the New Year right way

Part 2: How to beat procrastination once and for all(You’re here)

Part 3: How to build good habits for the success + my secret about keeping motivation

Part 4: Tip and tricks for immediate motivation(Soon – instead join my email newsletter)

This is the second part of my mini-guide about motivation which I have finally decided to divide into 4 parts. Because I try to preserve better readability with relatively short articles, so somehow I felt that what I had originally prepared, wouldn’t give you a sufficient value. I have decided to dive into motivation much more than before and I believe this guide will help you achieve whatever you want after reading it.

At first, I recommend you to read this article: How to set resolutions for the New Year right way

Learn before the action

The preparation before you even begin something new is really important part of the success. You can’t have a lack of knowledge in the area, otherwise you are lost and don’t know what to test and rate during your path.

But when it comes to accomplishing your resolutions, do you know what to do in order to achieve success? Necessary steps to achieving your goals? No? Then I don’t recommend you to take an action.

How do you want to do something what you at least a little don’t know or how do you want to train when you don’t know what? Yes, though, you could learn to play the piano if I let you play the piano without any sheets of music or instructions, but that process would be so long and difficult that you would give it up later. You wouldn’t enjoy it.

Very good example is games, look at the PC games, there are tasks and you are achieving levels. You are going through the easiest to the hardest level. If there weren’t tasks or levels, thanks to which you could rate your progress and growth, then you wouldn’t definitely enjoy it. Likewise, it would stop enjoying you if you were losing from the beginning. And in this way, it works everywhere same, but more about it in the next part of this guide where I will be writing about what to do when you finally motivate yourself into the action.

So in the end, what to do before you take an action? If you want to lose weight, then study about how to lose weight, what to eat and what to exercise.

If you want to stop smoking then find out the necessary steps to quit smoking(though you will partially learn it in the next article because bad habits can be replaced only by positive habits), how to save more time for family or how to start a business.

If you don’t have any time or even a desire to study by yourself(but I know from my experience that you would start enjoying it after a while, then dive into that and start thinking about it what will motivate you much more to start something), then buy a “shortcut” like a personal trainer/mentor, personal consultations, courses or seminars. More expensive, but fast and effective way of gaining knowledge and achieving success.

It’s up to you what you will choose, but the basis is to already have some knowledge about what you are going to do, otherwise, you don’t know what you are doing.



How to motivate yourself to accomplish your resolutions?

When it comes to motivation, there’s a big difference between motivation to start something and motivation to do something constantly(habits). What prevents us from starting something is a procrastination, delaying things that are important. On the other hand, habits are what make us take an action without pushing ourselves into it. About procrastination, I am writing right below, and about how to build habits, you will have to wait for the next article.

In a nutshell, to motivate yourself, you need these 2 things:

  1. Start – beat procrastination, thus delaying important things for later(more below)
  2. Persist – build good habits which keep us without undue forcing.


From my experience, I know that we procrastinate the activities where creativity is required. Better explanation – we don’t know a specific process(algorithm) to finish the task. But these activities make us feel fulfilled and we easily lose the track of time, we are in the so-called “flow”. But it is hard for us to force ourselves into those activities though it fulfills us. On the other hand, when we eventually force ourselves, then we will hold them longer and after finishing the task, we will feel much more satisfied because we had been working on something meaningful. But even the boring routine tasks aren’t motivating and for sure, we won’t hold them for a long time because we won’t build necessary habits for these routine activities.

Depending on what type is your activity, you have to overcome different problems:

  • If your activity is creative – the biggest enemy is procrastination
  • If your activity is routine – then the hardest thing will be building a habit of it.

How to actually beat procrastination?

If you want to beat procrastination, then you can’t set pointless goals. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then set your goal in a way that you will smoke only 15 cigarettes a day and gradually lower this number after a while. If you want to learn something new, then practice the skill every day, whether it is reading a book or going to train. The basis is to set up a small, realistic goal and start IMMEDIATELY. Like Nike’s motto is saying: JUST DO IT. Then you can think about your bigger goals and prepare a plan for achieving them.

Another problem of procrastination is perfectionism. It means you are waiting until something will be perfect, giving yourself all kinds of excuses while you actually only fear to begin. Remember, nothing will ever be perfect, neither timing nor the moment and if it was, life wouldn’t give you any cues that now it is the right moment to finish and start it. It will never happen and you are unnecessarily waiting and killing your valuable time on something that will never be perfect.



Yes, details matter, but you can add them during your path. Look at the app developers. They release a beta version which they are later tuning and improving. In the same way, look at your product or activity. The right moment is only here and now. The better moment will never come. Of course, by this I am not talking that you have to release low-quality products or throw yourself into the activity right now, although you know nothing about it. No.

But how to find out if I am prepared to release or start something? Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you procrastinate with releasing a product: “Can I remove something more of the features of my products and the product will still fit for the purpose?”
  • If you procrastinate with starting any activity: “Do I need know something more in order to start something?”

So remember – foremost utility of the product/basic knowledge about activity, then tuning and adding details/gaining more knowledge during the path.

The last thing for beating procrastination. I want to warn you against all of those things which can disturb you and unnecessarily ask your attention. In my case, the social media disturb me the most, but also the Internet generally. I know, my bad habit, I have to try overcome it every day until I remove that. In your case, it can be other people or another unnecessary tasks that kill your time, ask your attention and make that you often tell others “I am busy.” So also pay a close attention to this.

That’s everything about procrastination. I know, it is often hard to force yourself into something and sometimes you really don’t have a time. I sometimes still have problems with overcoming it, but it is much better than the last year. If you follow my advice I revealed in this article, then in 95% cases you will beat procrastination.

But don’t forget that even if you beat it, you still haven’t won, after couple of days you can easily be again at the beginning and only because that you hadn’t built habits of what you do.
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Question for you: “How are you beating procrastination?”

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