“My mission is to help unfulfilled people become authentic leaders and inspire them to accomplish their deepest dreams.”

Hey, what’s up?

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Tony Paluš and on this page you are going to get to know more about me.

Why I started The Inspired Life

As you can see, I am not from the USA or any English speaking country. My nationality is Slovak. Although it is a nice country, I have found out that here is the big lack of leadership in organizations and a lot of people feel unfulfilled by what they do.

I believe that it is same in almost every country. Many people are lost in their life and struggle with changing their life or career. So I have decided to change this state through the blog writing and inspiring people. That’s why I founded my blog – The Inspired Life – A New Generation of Fulfilled Leaders.

If you ever struggled with answering these questions:2

  • “How can I properly lead those who follow me?”
  • “How can I find my own unique purpose in life?”
  • “How to live fulfilled life?”“
  • “How to improve communication and relationships with people?”
  • “How to inspire people around me?”
  • “How to make changes in life?”

Then this blog will definitely serve you.

About what am I going to write?

I believe that I can inspire you with my work which I am creating based on my knowledge from books and experience in life. The main purpose of this blog is to inspire you in life and help you change it in order to live fulfilled and life.

Leadership and communication

If you want to feel fulfilled in life, then you have to have a circle of people around you, respectively friends. Friends will always support you, help you achieve greatness and inspire you only if you are able to build a perfect relationship with them which works well.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to work all the time, something can always happen. Relationships aren’t easy. Whether relationships with employees, partner, in the family or generally with people around us. We need to know how to properly communicate and act. And I will try to reduce the rate of negative interactions in the relationship.

As John Gottman(expert on marital relations) said that a stable relationship requires a dominance of positive interactions over the negative in the ratio of 5:1.

So, as I have already indicated, my next area will be leadership and communication with people. I believe that these days aren’t more needed skills than leadership and communication which we have to master.

The paradox is that people aren’t interested at all in these 2 important areas which are influencing us every day. It’s sufficient to invest a little bit time into these areas and they would immediately have much, much better results in the relationships.

Personal development

Surely you’re going to agree that money isn’t everything.

You can have millions on the account and still you won’t be happy. If we want to achieve happiness and make big changes, we have to care about our thoughts and opinions which are constantly influenced by the environment.

Simply, we have to inwardly, thus personally develop. We need to care about our mind and body in order to be not only more successful but also live more fulfilled in life.

Therefore, personal development is the third area about which I will be writing.

These are the most important areas in which we have to improve in order to achieve success and fulfillment in life:

  • Financial freedom(business)
  • Perfect relationships with people(leadership and communication)
  • Feeling of happiness and fulfillment(personal development)

For whom is this blog being intended?

I’m not going to write about how everyone can take something from this blog to life. I prefer to divide it into groups of people who can get most from my work:

  • Unsatisfied students of the university or high school
  • People who want to more from life than what they are actually getting
  • People, who just want to improve their social life
  • Or people who just want to be happy in life

What I believe

I believe that we all can be an inspiration for other people thanks to our knowledge and experiences we have gained throughout life.

I believe in stories. We all have a unique story we want to share with others. My story is about self-awareness and self-knowledge.

I’ve found my purpose, my WHY by inspiring. Nothing big has changed me. I myself changed my mind by observing things around me and getting inspired by them. Yes, it took me a time, but it was definitely worth it.

And I want to help others also find their unique purpose and share my message with the world.

That’s how we get fulfillment. That’s how we reach The Inspired Life.

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My personal life We can divide leaders into 2 groups. Good boys and Bad boys. Don’t confuse it with terms good leader and bad leader. In personal life, I am one of those Bad boys for sure. That means I try to challenge the status quo. Overcome a fear inside me. I often get into trouble when I am not agreeing with something. I can insult someone, almost offend him if he disconnected my values before. Values I deeply believe. Insults and biased criticism don’t get me mad. And I do only things in which I see any purpose. That’s my small definition of Bad boys. Otherwise, I am totally useless. 😀4 My motto in life is: Add a value. I try to inspire and add a value to people who have problems in the areas I am writing about. I try to inspire people around me, find their strengths, passions and motivate them to their dreams. In conversations, I add a value in the way of creating fun and positive mood. But sometimes when I feel the other person needs my hand, I’m a totally serious person. Although people who are aware of my blog are saying things like:

    • I don’t act this way in real life


  • I just pretend it



These people are totally out. And I am going to explain it. Neither of these statements are truth. And why do they think I don’t act that way? Firstly, they know nothing about leadership, so they can’t appreciate it. A couple of quotes on the Twitter don’t change a person. But the opinion of him probably yes. We, humans, are selfish beings. We only think of our own good(credit to exceptions). I’m not going to explain or prove why this is so. I might do it in the future in my article. Anyway, from my experience I know that if you want to make your conversation interesting for the other person, you have to be curious about their life or talk about mutual interests. And because in my country there aren’t many people interested in my areas(though they are important in life). I won’t force them, almost bore them about how to motivate themselves, overcome fear or help other people. Simply, they don’t care and I don’t blame them for it. Obviously, I listen to people and if I find out they are bothering with something, I try to help them. Anyway, I don’t try to search for their problems or ask them a bunch of questions in order to find out their problems. No, I don’t do this because foremost I try to create a fun environment or positive mood. Some facts about me

    • I am from Slovakia


  • I speak Slovak, Czech and English



  • I am Paleo man.



  • I hate school but love education.



  • Freedom is the only thing for which I would sacrifice anything.



  • I love when I can go against the current, challenge status quo and stand out of the crowd.



  • I hate texting and love face to face communication.



  • I often don’t explain people reasons of my actions because they wouldn’t understand it or want to understand it.



  • I love Czech rap music, especially a rapper called Lipo.



A couple of fun facts about me


  • When I am walking through the night and listening to rap music, you can see me doing some gestures like rappers in the music videos. 😀 Some people have laughed at it.



  • In my leisure time, I pick up chicks. No, I am kidding. 😀 I don’t have a leisure time.



  • I love teasing people in the way to not offend them or at least to not notice it.



  • My personal dream is to sing once Lipo‘s any song on the stage or at least make a cover of his song.



  • I love making hairstyles, every day I spend with it about 15 min. Some people are saying that I am addicted to it. 😀 I am just inspired by Slikhaar TV.



My favorite quotes

    • “It’s said that I read too many books. No, that’s not true, I read much more books. ” – Lipo


  • “Remember, you are not another sheep of society, you’ve broken out the “mind control” herd and started thinking for yourself.”



  • “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek



  • “There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” – Simon Sinek



I will add more quotes later. How can you contact me? If you want to connect with me, you can do it via email in the form on the contact page. If you want to meet me in person, you can write me before or you might run into me in the streets of my city Trenčín(Slovakia). Don’t worry, you can easily recognize me. 😉

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